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Our story

We are a team of young enthusiasts and experienced professionals who want to make the world a safer place with the help of advanced technology, both for humans and dogs. Encouraged by the stories of our friends who lost their beloved dogs, we came up with the idea to help them protect their hunting partners. So we started cooperating with the Hunting Association of Serbia and the European Hunting Association FACE because we wanted to gather as much useful information as possible in order to make the product in accordance with their needs.

We have gathered a team of hunters, engineers, doctors of science, and business people from all over Europe to develop a set of innovative functions. We have turned that knowledge into a dog tracking device that brings hunters a more pleasant hunting experience. Now they know where their faithful companions are.

The quality of our product has been recognized and we have received initial investments from the Innovation Activity Fund of Serbia (2020) and StarTech (2021). The total value of the project is 145,000 EUR.

But we do not want to stop! We are developing collars for tracking rare wild species (deer, jackals, and beavers) in cooperation with the Hunting Association of Serbia.


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With hunters for hunters

Our results

Q4 2019

Hive protection system

Based on the beekeeper’s needs, our team developed a hive protection system for beekeepers according to the latest IoT technology.

Q1 2020

Pivot collar for hunting dogs

Our team developed the first pivot GPS collar for tracking hunting dogs which we used for testing and implementing new features

Q2 2020

Engaded business advisor

We believed in what we were developing and hired a business advisor to develop an adequate business model in parallel with the development of the CANANDI necklace.

Q2 2020

Cooperation with FACE and LSS

FACE (European Federation for Hunting and Nature Protection) and LSS (Hunting Association of Serbia) recognized the quality and potential of the CANANDI necklace and they helped us to find out how to continue to develop our CANANDI system that will fully suit hunters.

Q3 2020

The first prototype of the CANANDI necklace was completed

We developed the first version of the CANANDI collar, which was the result of additional testing and improvement of functionality based on the needs that hunters realized by testing the system in the field in real conditions.

Q1 2021

Support of the innovation fund

We are supported by the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, which recognized the potential of the CANANDI collar for dogs.

Q4 2021

We became a new StarTech star

We are winners of the StarTech fund award for the development of innovative activities.

Q3 2022

Presentation of the final CANANDI necklace

As we continued to improve our hunting dog collars, we got a version that had more advanced features and a nicer look with added functionality. It was ready for commercial use.

Q4 2022

Entering the Serbian market

We were pleased to present our CANANDI system as a final product to our hunters and sold the first 20 collars.

Q1 2023

We supported by the KLER fund

We are supported by the KLER (Office for Local Economic Development) fund.

Q2 2023

A Hundred Systems sold in Serbia

Our hunters recognized the quality of the CANANDI device and decided to make it their choice.

Q3 2023

Fifty systems sold in the Ex-Yu area

A good voice can be heard far away. That’s how hunters from the region became owners of CANANDI equipment.

Awards for innovation and development

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