CANANDI Wild - Wild Animal Tracking System
A reliable system for monitoring and protecting wild animals.

CANANDI Wild is a GPS tracking system that enables advanced research on wild animals, their behavior, migrations, and habits. The information gathered can be used to address environmental challenges such as climate and land-use change, biodiversity loss, wildlife trade, and the spread of infectious diseases.


The collar is suitable for tracking deer, jackals, and bears and is intended for hunting associations, national parks, and scientific research institutions.


Features of the necklace?

Features of CANANDI Wild GPS Collars

  • 80 cm maximum necklace length
  • Weight – 229g
  • Dimensions: 10.5x5x5 battery, 7x5x2.5 electronics
  • 4.5cm width, with the possibility of shortening by 3cm x15 holes
  • 75 cm belt length for deer, 55 cm for hinds
  • Leather necklace


How to order?

For all the information you need and the system order, contact us by phone or e-mail.